Buy Ssd Solution Chemical For Cleaning Stain Currency

We are the final SSD Solution Chemical For
Cleaning Stain Currency Solution manufacturer, we are situated in UK. We
believe in best chemicals & we live to our potential, with a (30) days
return policy on a lifetime best quality guarantee. Show us our
opposition, We show you what best quality is.
We Serve the following industries security & financial industries, as our
company is still rising. We do provide for individuals & small
companies please note that some goods needs extraordinary licensing.

Black Coated Money (black Dollar).

We do testing of black coated money, bank marked notes in any
currency, warped money & we do a best quality check. We also sell self
test kits upon placing a unbeaten order we may pass on a self test kit but
we advocate site testing where a technician comes from side to side to
test it with you & direct you on how to get best product & on safety
standards .
We produce SSD Solution, Castrox oxide HQ45, Humine powder ,
Vectrol Paste, Zuta S4 Please visit our goods page for more information
on these products

Site Test Kit

Site test kit consists of example amounts of every chemical & a
orientation chart that shows the condition of the black coated cash & the

optional chemical combination. It is designed to be user welcoming &
easy to recognize.
It is perfect to test & clean bank discolored notes & black coated notes
or what it’s often called black dollar, be it Euros or other money.
If you want to be acquainted with how to clean black dollar this is a
perfect create & answer.

SSD Solution

Can be create in three different forms SSD Supreme Solution ,SSD
Solution, SSD Ultimate Solution. Where SSD Solution has to be varied
with different chemical compounds depending on the consequence sort
SSD Supreme Solution contain Humine powder & Vectrol paste, in the
occasion you mix the chemicals it will cause burning or flames at times
explosions so with awareness follow instruction that come with the
chemical in question.

SSD Ultimate Solution contains Humine powder & Castox. AS
mentioned depending on the end result sort you may use SSD solution
independently as it turns out cheaper or use the SSD ultimate solution as
a safer dependable alternative.

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