Best place to buy counterfeit money in 2018

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If you wonder what is the Best place to buy counterfeit money in 2018, answer is Counterfeitopia. We have been doing what we do best since 2013.

We take counterfeiting as an art. Every currency that we reproduce goes through a few stages before we put it on the market.

  1. The paper is tested.We test if the paper type we will be using for the specific currency looks and feels the same. We use the same paper type consistency.
  2. Engraving security featuresEach security feature is carefully examined by our research team and then engraved on the paper using the most advanced printing technology. We always strive to use the latest technology on the market.
  3. Security checksOnce we have a ready version of the note, we always put it under different test, some of the including UV, Pen and Iodine test. We make sure that the notes will be able to be changed in real life situations.
  4. Real life situation testEach time we produce a new note, it is always tested in the country it is for. If everything goes well, we put it for sale.

Due to the reasons above, we are one the most preferred and reliable counterfeit money producer available. You will always find someone offering lower prices, but you need to be careful. Cheaper things usually cost you more in the end. Our prices are entirely formed from the material, production and shipping costs. This is why prices tend be a bit higher than the competitors’. Do not spend money on cheap counterfeit money as the chances of getting caught rise dramatically.

Best place to buy counterfeit money in 2018 our notes can be used everywhere except probably banks. This includes gas stations, casinos, supermarkets, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.. Therefore you have higher chances of changing them for real notes.

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